Erin Condren Notebook

Erin Condren Notebook |

I absolutely LOVE Erin Condren Life Planners, but today I wanted to share a new Erin Condren product I have come to love:

The Erin Condren Notebook!

I have been thinking about getting a notebook that I could use solely for blogging, in order to take notes at meetings, jot down ideas, plan out posts and write down important things I want to remember for the future. I will admit, I use digital products such as Evernote for notes more than paper anything, BUT sometimes you just need to write things down with a pen purple PaperMate Flair and paper.

I chose the Erin Condren Notebook cover called “Keep it simple notebook- picture this! full frame” cover because I wanted to upload a collage I designed for the cover. I made the collage using the app TurboCollage and I love how it turned out! :)

Erin Condren Notebook |

I also decided to get a pen holder for my notebook and try out the Erin Condren pens. I have always used PaperMate Flair pens for Erin Condren products, but I am loving these pens as well!

I have found all of the Erin Condren products I’ve tried to be thoughtfully designed and very high quality, and the Erin Condren Notebook is no exception. These notebooks can really be used for anything!

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Happy organizing & personalizing!

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5 thoughts on “Erin Condren Notebook

  1. Did you use the app on your phone to make this? It’s gorgeous and I want one just like it but want the best quality!!

    1. I used an app from the App Store on my Mac called TurboCollage! Its fantastic! Its very easy to move things around and make them the exact size/color/etc that you want! :) And as long as you import high quality photos into TurboCollage, it will turn out great! :) I hope that helps!!

  2. I LOVE your design. I came across this blog because I searched “Erin Condren” on pinterest! So you just simply used turbocollage and how did you manage to get your name and info in that vibrant pink and grey? It’s absolutely gorgeous and I want to design one like yours!!

    1. Thank you Lisette! I’m so glad you found me on Pinterest! Yes, I just used turbo collage and the designers over at Erin Condren Chose the vibrant pink and grey on their own for me! I just told them what I wanted on “line 1” and “line 2”. I hope yours turns out great! :)

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